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Fleet-specific product support

e-FleetPro is an efficient electronic product support system providing a uniform presentation of manufacturer parts catalogs and product support information integrated directly into the fleet or rental management system of the fleet owner. e-FleetPro connects all of key manufacturers on the SmartEquip network with fleet owners, streamlining maintenance and troubleshooting, eliminating ordering errors, and contributing to higher fleet utilization and revenue.

Product description

e-FleetPro is integrated to the fleet owners' fleet or rental management system, creating streamlined, efficient processes for parts ordering, service support, purchase order integration, preventative maintenance and invoice reconciliation with fully integrated work order and purchase order functionality. e-FleetPro brings dramatic efficiencies to the redundant, time consuming and error-prone administrative processes that reduce fleet availability and utilization, minimizing repair cycle times, automating parts ordering and providing accurate troubleshooting and maintenance information to service personnel.

Product Support Efficiency

Manufacturer Benefits:

  • Automates serial-number specific parts selection and ordering
  • Enhances operator safety and risk management
  • Streamlines troubleshooting and minimizes repair cycle time

  • Jeff Putman
    NationsRent, CEO

    On-line order status
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    Stock availability by location
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    Serial number-specific fleet listing
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